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Salar de Uyuni - largest salt-shaker in the world

Żelazna Dama z UyuniUyuni, BoliwiaUyuni, Boliwia

Early in the morning we reached Uyuni (Bolivia), here we had over an hour for eating breakfast and refilling our supplies:). Next we packed into a jeep and ventured forth.

Cmentarz parowozów niedaleko UyuniCmentarz parowozów niedaleko UyuniCmentarz parowozów niedaleko UyuniCmentarz parowozów niedaleko UyuniCmentarz parowozów niedaleko Uyuni

We had the first stop just after Uyuni, at an old locomotive graveyard, very interesting place, especially for hotographing.

Cmentarz parowozów niedaleko UyuniSalar de Uyuni, Boliwia
Salar de Uyuni, BoliwiaHotel de Sal, BoliwiaSalar de Uyuni, BoliwiaSymbiozaSalar de Uyuni, Boliwia
To małe to jest samochódWyspaSalar de Uyuni, Boliwia

Not long after we drove on Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia), the largest salt-shaker in the world:) – it occupies 10,582 square kilometers and includes around 10 billion tons of salt! It lies on Altiplano at 3653 amsl and just like Titicaca (64 zdjęcia) is a remain of existing in Pleistocene lake Ballivian. It is one of the flattest areas in the world - the difference between heights is not even 41 cm!

Going through Salar we visit a hotel made solely from salt and an island overgrown with cactus's, which looks very unrealistic on this never ending whiteness. The views are magnificent, it is definitely the most interesting place that can be visited in Bolivia!

Salar de Uyuni, BoliwiaDoktorSalar de Uyuni, Boliwia
Pustynia, BoliwiaPustynia, BoliwiaZnowu pijemy

On the island our cook prepares us an edible mead... unfortunately not as tasty as i.e. those on Pampa. We drive through Salar or the whole day, the landscape is slowly changing and we get to our resting place... In the soup i eat for supper i find a long hair of our toothless Indian-cook, but i will not write about this:). Buenas Noches!

* * * * *
LamyBrittany i SzczepanAlyssa i Witek, czyli porwanie na śniadanie

In the morning we go on. We ride and the landscape takes our breaths away... I have made the most photos on Salar probably, I just couldn't stop myself!

Alyssa i BrittanyToryPo drodze na AtacamęPo drodze na AtacamęSzczepan i Alyssa w stanie prawie nieważkości

As i have previously written Salar de Uyuni lies high, which has it's consequences not only in rarefied air. Alas most of you surely know well the law of gravity formulated by Newton every point mass attracts every other point mass by a force pointing along the line intersecting both points. The force is proportional to the product of the two masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the point masses It implies that the farther from earth's center the lower the gravity, we are higher, so farther from earths center, which gives us supernatural capabilities, which can be seen on adjacent photos. We jump higher than usually, and Robak is even capable of lifting a huge boulder and throwing it. Of course he has not become strongman in an instant, it is just that a stone on this altitude is lighter:). Nice fun...

Po drodze na AtacamęDoktor w stanie prawie nieważkościSzczepan i Alyssa
Robak siłaczPo drodze na AtacamęPo drodze na AtacamęPo drodze na AtacamęCiężkie jest życie globtrotera

We go further and reach a marvelously blue lake, on which majestically Flemings walk.

Po drodze na AtacamęSzczepanPo drodze na Atacamę
Doktor wśród flamingówFlamingi

Which unexpectedly gives me excuse to touch a political topic:). So I do not know if you knew, but homosexual relationships among these birds are not rare, moreover homosexual behaviors have been noticed among 1500 animal species! As we can see homosexuality is not against nature, as fascists and religious fanatics claim, just the opposite, it is totally natural! Scientists have established that i.e. 10% of penguin couples are homosexual! As for humans from the beginning of time 3-5% of men and 2-3% of women are homosexual, so it is untrue what, God have mercy, minister Giertych tries to popularize as homosexual propaganda! Would it be possible to convince anyone to become homosexual than we would observe lack of homosexuality in totalitarian regimes, as there it was punished severely, and growing homosexuality in liberal countries! And the percentage is similar in both! One cannot get infected with homosexuality!

Po drodze na AtacamęNasze Amerykanki i nasz dżipObiadZajazd na pustyniAlyssa i Brittany

I hope that politicians will not get to know this, because they will for sure remove from zoos all animals that promote homosexuality! Of course I'm joking, because how can we treat seriously people, who seek promoting homosexuality even in Teletubies! Should we go along the way we would have to check The Smurfs, Żwirek i Muchomorek, not to mention Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! Only Rumcajs would be left, who has a wife, a son and a rifle used to destroy The Structure, which are Prince and Princess.

Po drodze na AtacamęPo drodze na Atacamę
Po drodze na AtacamęPo drodze na AtacamęPo drodze na Atacamę

Despite visiting the flamings our sexual orientation failed to change, we still prefer to cuddle up to american girls than ourselves. We are going south, stopping from time to time to see the indescribable views and wonders of nature. The stone tree, for example. You'll see it.

Stone TreePo drodze na AtacamęPo drodze na AtacamęPo drodze na AtacamęPo drodze na Atacamę

We reach the border of another park, again a barrier, again payment. Not long after we get to the place we are to sleep. Buenas Noches.

Robak i SzczepanAlyssa rozgrywa meczPo drodze na Atacamę
Witold Wieszczek
Translated by Tomasz Piasecki.
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