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The Bolivian Pampa and Bolivian rain

Wreszcie nie trzesieCalle G. Busch

At last, we are standing firmly on the ground! I’ve already forgotten how it is when the bus doesn’t bump all the time! It was the worst journey in my entire life... We’re going to an office and, again, we end up in a jeep immediately! They don’t have a heart! My behind hasn’t yet recovered and it’s another 3 hours till we reach Santa Rosa!

Witamy na pampieTzw. drogaKonnoTzw. drogaDrzewo

It’s no use talking, the road is very similar to the previous one and the jeep is even less comfortable than the bus! We pass the cars which got stuck in the ‘road’, then a barrier (60B for the entry) and finally we reach Santa Rosa. Here the road has its end, so does the civilisation. We brush our teeth and get into a cramped, engine-propelled boat. A thwart is may seem hard... but, at least, there are no potholes in the river! Blissfulness! My bottom takes a rest, the sun is shining, spectacular views... Cloud nine!

W objęciachA wy tu czego?Nasza gwiazdaSunset barPampa
Księżyc nad pampa

I don’t bother here with time so I can’t say how long it took us to reach our accommodation for the night. We leave our stuff and sail to watch the sunset. As soon as the sun disappeared behind the horizon, mosquitoes started to bite mercilessly! Insect repellent doesn’t work to well; fortunately I’m wearing long trousers, long sleeves and some mosquito net on my face. Surely it’s not quite comfortable because it’s hot, but I think being eaten alive by mosquitoes isn’t better.

* * * * *
Wschód słońca na pampieWschód słońca na pampie

We get up at dawn to set eyes on the sunrise! I must admit that it’s worth getting up so early. Then we go back to a camp for breakfast. It’s delicious, as every meal here! To our surprise, even a caiman that lives with us is pleased! There’s nothing to be afraid of, Ricardo (that’s his name) is a vegetarian... maybe not so ardent one because he will have some hamburger once in a while; nevertheless he certainly prefers Italian cuisine! Just take a look what a cosset! Almost like a kitten only a green one...

Grzeczny RicardoRicardo wegetarianinPampaRobakKąpiel z delfinami

After breakfast, we are sailing to reach a place where our guide expects to see an anaconda. I don’t know exactly why bother so much... after an hour of wallowing in swamps, about one thousand bites, not to mention heat and dampness, we go back to the boat. No, we didn’t see any anaconda. After the journey, a revitalising bath in a river with dolphins.

Kąpiel z delfinami (jak byście nie zauważyli to delfin w lewym-górnym rogu)PtaszekPtaszek
DrzewoPampaSunset BarSunset BarZachód słońca
Zachód słońcaNoc na pampie

In the evening we sail to a Sunset Bar; as the name suggests we sail to have some beer and watch the sunset. And since the sunset is beautiful, we drink two beers and have the third one as a takeaway. On our way, as a result to our fertile imagination, we begin to sing sea shanties and other tunes. We’re accompanied by our Irish friend. He swears like a trooper: fucking british, fucking anything, but he utters these words in so cool manner that it’s pleasing to the ear! Three cheers for free Ireland! And this is how the Pampa looks like after three beers.

* * * * *

In the morning we have delicious breakfast (Ricardo as well, of course) and then we sail the river for the last time. After dinner we go back to Santa Rosa. How did you like the Pampa? I assure you that in reality it looks even more beautiful than in the pictures!

Welcome Indigena ToursPampaŻółwSanta RosaSanta Rosa

In Santa Rosa we are waiting for our jeep. We are waiting… It starts raining. Back then we didn’t realise what such rain means when it comes to a Bolivian road. This time, a Santa Rosa – Rurrenabaque stretch took us... 8,5 hours! We didn’t reach our destination until 11:30 p.m.!! On the way, a jeep that was going in front of us got stuck in mud and we helped to pull it out. We pushed standing knee-deep in mud! You can just imagine how we looked like afterwards. Swarms of mosquitoes were already waiting for us in the jeep; the roof of the car was literally black! There wasn’t even a point in killing them! And on top of that, poor bottom… All inclusive.

Santa Rosa
Witold Wieszczek
Translated by Kamil Razowski.
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